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The Galleria was recently purchased by Midland Loan Services after the ownership of General Growth Properties expired. The furniture you will discover at your local CORT Furniture Outlet was previously rented to businesses and families in need of decoration. To succeed, dress your office with modern office furniture such as office chairs, sofas, desks, desks and other office accessories.

The owners then said they would spend at least $5 million on repairs and upgrades to the infrastructure, including renovating the mall's parking lot, multi-story car park and parking deck. They also said that the Regal Cinemas would be upgraded and that they would remain open and operate as usual, but would announce redevelopment plans in the near future.

They also pointed out that the Galleria site on the site of the former Taunton High School car park would no longer be an option once Myles Standish Industrial Park reached full capacity. Carney also said the expansion of a stop further north in the East Taunton will be a good sign for the new mixed-use "Galleria." Finally, he indicated that there was a plan to add more retail space to the "Galleria" and more retail space in the car park.

The mayor said he was confident the mall was in good hands with Thibeault Development, which is known for a number of construction and development projects in Boston. He said that the reallocation of shopping centers from the highway to the business district itself will further improve the opportunities for new investment. Hoye said his office would arrange a meeting with so-called "stakeholders," including the Taunton Economic Development Corporation, a nonprofit group that actively promotes business development in the city's industrial parks.

Hoye speculated that the variety of potential tenants could range from doctors and office space to horticulture and a supermarket. Thibeault Development has established a presence in Fall River and Somerset, where it owns, or is trying to sell or lease, a number of commercial and residential properties in the city's industrial parks. TDC, which is developing Taunton Industrial Park, Massachusetts' largest industrial park, had to act as if there were only three plots of land left for sale, totaling 20 acres, Shafer said.

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