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The city's Holiday Inn is now welcoming homeless people in the city who tested positive for coronavirus. Other shelters, including Lexington, Springfield and Pittsfield, have been set up to accommodate homeless people with respiratory illnesses who tested positive.

O'Connell said the scheme will help those most at risk while helping to stop the spread of the disease. Police Chief Edward Walsh said state officials have earmarked the Holiday Inn and its two other hotels as temporary shelters for the city's homeless if necessary. Two officers at a time will work in shifts that cover a 24-hour period in each building, he said. Depending on the number of nights spent, caretaker services are planned with a common goal, Walsh said.

Guests paying the weekly rate pay the price of their stay at check-in, but for stays longer than seven days they must pay a week in advance.

If the stay is less than seven days, guests pay for the entire stay (one week each) at check-in, payable on the first day of the stay. The monthly fee is $150 (maximum $50 tax per month per pet) and is charged for a stay of seven days that does not exceed $100 tax / month for pets (payable in advance) or $200 tax / month for guests. The monthly price of $1,500 per week plus $250 taxes and pet fees will not exceed $150 (after taxes and pets).

Guests who cancel or fail to show up will lose their prepayment for a non-refundable deposit of $3 per night. Reservations are cancelled and any credit card that contains the reservation will be charged at the indicated rate. If a guest cancels within 24 hours, he must cancel the reservation immediately. Guests who cancel and cannot show that they have forfeited their deposit (including taxes) and retain all prepayments.

It is the policy and practice of Extended Stay America that all guests in the room must pay in advance, regardless of the time of day or length of stay.

Please note the key package that you will receive with your check to plan your cleaning service for that day. Fresh towels and bed linen are available for 1 - 7 nights, and soap and toilet paper are refilled if needed, garbage emptied and emptied, bed linen and towels changed, beds made from existing bed linen, towels replaced, dirty towels, empty garbage and fill up soap, toilet paper, etc., as needed.

We take our commitment to the environment very seriously and strive to refresh the unnecessarily wasted natural resources. Our daily newsletter is sent out every morning, so don't miss anything important! Our reception will be happy to help you with delivery of mail, fax and photocopying services if you require them.

When I opened the door to my closet to get my clothes for the next day, I felt a last burst of negative energy as the doors to the closet and bathroom closed behind me. When I turned to the bathroom door, I could feel the hair on my neck standing up. The windows bulge out, provide ventilation and natural light, and when you turn to your bathroom you could feel the hair on your back and neck rise! There are no restrictions on height or length, pets are not allowed in or near the rooms, but some wings allow the separation of prisoners according to sex and crime.

I was afraid to take my eyes off the mirror because I didn't want something to appear when I looked back at myself. I thought I would get dressed quickly and run out of there, but I looked around me alarmingly slowly, carefully and constantly.

The last walk to the door was equally slow because I was afraid to let the negative energy know that I was leaving. But when I crossed the threshold, I felt a feeling that was not my own, even though I had felt it so intensely. It scared me that I seemed to be stepping into the third person and controlling my emotions.

When I entered the lobby at 3: 30 a.m., the feelings of sadness and depression left me when they came, but I tried to keep them out of my head. I took a nap, didn't wake up and felt perfectly comfortable as I left the elevator. However, I felt a sudden discomfort and chest pain as I walked down the hallway, which increased in intensity the closer we got to my room. When I tried to balance the feeling of being alone I texted my wife and my best friend, with whom I had texted the night before, to try to remind me that I would wake up at 4 o'clock the next morning.

I went to dinner at the same restaurant and watched Robyn Williams' comedy video to shake my mood. I returned to my room and worked for a few minutes before going to bed, but there was still a cup of soda - half full - on my desk.

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More About Taunton